Lee Oskar Harmonicas

Lee Oskar is known as one of the best harmonica performers of all time. He is widely known as one of the founding members of the band “War”. He created one of the most singular sounds in the history of rock. In the early 80’s, Lee decided to design and manufacture his own harmonica, whicharrived to the market under a new brand bearing its own name.

The “Lee Oskar Harmonica” was introduced in 1983 and today, its signature is one of the leading brands, being available in more than 300 countries around the world. “Lee Oskar Harmonicas” offers a wide variety of tunings, as well as replacement reed plates, toolkits, learning books and other related products. Backed by more than 30 years of service in the industry, Lee Oskar Harmonicas has recently expanded its efforts to include a system of educational products and resources designed especially for various instrumentalists, singers and composers.

Martin Chemes was chosen by the brand as “Endorsee and Featured Artist” in 2010, and was selected to be one of the faces of the firm, representing it in shows and international clinics. In November 2016 Martin Chemes organized the “First International Festival of Harmonica of Rosario” sharing stage with one of the most prestigious representatives of this instrument world-wide, the great Lee Oskar, offering a harmonica clinic and a show for a packedaudience ina Important theater of Rosario.

This was the starting point of a tour, in which he accompanied Lee Oskar throughout the country, touring the cities of Rosario, Cordoba and Buenos Aires, offering outstanding clinics, workshops and shows. During this tour, Martín Chemes was named by Lee Oskar himself the “Ambassador in Argentina” of the brand Lee Oskar Harmonicas ®.

LHC Vintage Amps

LHC Vintage Amps is an Argentine company that is dedicated to the manufacture of valve amplifiers for musical instruments (guitar and harmonica).
The venture was born at the end of 2008 due to the small supply of this type of products in the national market, that is to say, due to the need to return to the analogical production of the national scene. The objective was to generate an alternative to the most industrialized technologies that produce equipment and digital sounds.

With the use of valve technology and manual work, techniques that were developed in the early years of the music equipment industry, LHC intends to bring the analogue sound back to the national industry without losing quality in its construction and proposing a more economical alternative to the expensive equipment from well-known foreign brands.

The production of the amplifiers is 100% handmade. The best materials are used for this purpose and they are mostly brought from the United States: Orange Drop Capacitors, Silver Mica, IC, Alpha Potentiometers, JJ Electronic Valves, Saint Vith Audio Transformers, Jensen and CelestionSpeakers. All this makes LHC amps become a product of excellence made on the customer’s request.
Martin Chemes has been “Endorsee and Featured Artist” of LHC Vintage Amps since 2011 and uses the “Smoljamp15” amplifier, which he prefers because of the balance between size, power and variety in the audio possibilities.

MG Custom Harp

MG Custom Harp is a company dedicated to the customizing, maintenance and repairing of harmonicas. Martin Guzman, its CEO and founder, is today one of the most recognized harmonica customizers in South America. He has spread his work to all parts of the world, including countries such as Italy, Spain, Brazil, United States, among others … and of course in the territory of Argentina, where the company has its headquarters, in the city of San Juan.

The instruments are manufactured adapting them as much as possible to the needs of each musician, especially in terms of response, sound and aesthetics.
MG Custom Harp has been working with renowned musicians with an important professional career, such as Martin Chemes, who has been “Endorsee and Featured Artist” of MG Custom Harp since 2013 and has customized his Lee Oskar harmonicas, adding a wooden body. Martin usually chooses ebony or maple combs because he prefers the brightest sound as possible.

Sonus FX

Sonus FX is the first brand of analog pedals specially developed for harmonica in South America and one of the few in the world. Its headquarters are in the city of Rosario, Argentina. In the field of harmonica, it offers a range of pedals that adapt to the requirements that musicians need.

Sonus FX arises from the needs of MatíasMoyano, its CEO and founder, for optimizing his own instruments and accessories. During the experimental stage, he decided to expand his objective and offer his effort, dedication and fine taste to other musicians in general. Always putting himself in the musicians position, knowing what they look for, offering an integral service: customized designs, manufacturing, modifications and repairs with top quality materials, special works and in this way trying to simplify the search in one single place. With the objective of preserving, discovering and constantly improving the quality of audio in all the products, he chooses to pay attention to every detail, and together with a specialized technical team, he applies his knowledge, dedication and experience to the whole productive process in a handmade way. The results are handcrafted products of excellent quality that makes each of them a unique work of art.


Acsemic is a company that develops high quality harmonica microphones. Made by hand, they are 95% manufactured and produced in Argentina.
The brand began in early 2003 with the work of its CEO and founder Leandro Benítez, who has improved his techniques over the years, becoming the most important harmonica microphonecustomizer in South America and one of the most prestigious worldwide.

Acsemic offers a personalized work in the harmonica microphone, both in the sale of our new creations and exclusive developments, as well as in the repair and customization of used microphones. We emphasize equally in the improvement of the sound, the aesthetic work and restorations, providing the harmonica player a sophisticated, reliable and useful service.

Martin Chemes has been Acsemic’s “Endorsee and Featured Artist” since 2003, he has his own model of the “Signature Series” line of the brand, which bears his initials: the ACSEMIC MC58. This microphone has exclusive modifications suggested by Martin, and it is the one he uses in all his live presentations in various scenarios and it is available for sale for anyone who wants to enjoy its benefits.